Tuesday, July 1, 2014

❁ Fabric Rose Brooch - tutorial ❁


July is my month. I love it. Not only because it is my birth month. It has a history of fabulous and deeply rooted childhood memories and intense happiness. 
So, Happy July everyone!

Today I set at work to make some fabric roses. They were originally intended for refashioning a cardigan but I ended making myself a brooch.

To make these roses, cut a rectangular piece. Mine was approximately 20 cm / 7.9" but you can make them shorter or longer.


I also tried different fabrics to see which will work the best for this. All the above fabrics turned out great as well as the one below. The light purplish fabric is lightweight cotton.

Fold the piece in two 

Sew it at the bottom
 Next, cut it as shown. Don't cut too deep.

 Here it is.

 Roll it.

If you are not satisfied how the petals fall, roll it again until you get the desired look.
When done, pin at the bottom so that it doesn't unroll. 
Make some more roses. 

 Cut a piece of cotton for the leaf. 
Felt would be great to use - unfortunately I had none.  

Put the bunch inside, fold the leaf to a close and pin.
Sew it in place. 

Add a decorative ribbon or lace and add a pin at the back. 

 This is such an easy and eye-catching project I am sure you are going to enjoy. 
The roses can be used for innumerous projects too. 


Unknown said...

What a splendid idea to create a brooch Maya, beautiful make!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Unknown said...

Lovely!! I've got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow morning that links to your tutorial:

BumbleBri said...

I love the idea of making fabric flowers. These are so easy and adorable! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I had never seen fabric flowers made this way before!

Divya N said...

I remember making crepe paper flowers like this at school and then more recently I tried this technique with leather and that worked well too

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Anne! I highly appteciate it!

CLB said...

Lovely tutorial and great idea. I have little girl's clothes that are too small but spotted in some areas so that I cannot give them to anyone. (No, not even "to the poor" as everyone deserve clean stuff, thank you.)I love to be able to recycle some of that pretty fabric into flowers!
Just a note, in English Linen is used for the fabric, even though flax is the name of the seed and plant. Go figure...

Unknown said...

Love the vintage look of this fabric flower brooch :)

Ana Love Craft said...

How gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing this!!
Have a fabulous day!
Hugs from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft