Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 Free Amazing Summer Crocheted Tunics

I am a huge fan of tunics regardless of the materials they are made of. I prefer to wear them over jeans and pants and rarely over skirts. When I first I laid eyes on the tunic above, I believe my heart stopped for a second. I am sure you'll agree it is gorgeous. And I would certainly wear this over a skirt. The style completely fits my mori soul ;) 
Below is my compilation of free patterns and charts for crocheted tunics. I hope you like them and make your fingers busy for the summer! 
Tunic 2                                                                 Tunic 3
Tunic 4                                                                 Tunic 5 
Tunic 6                                                                         Tunic 7

  Tunic 8                                            Tunic 9                                         Tunic 10                                     
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Eve said...

I am usually not a fan of crocheted clothes. I prefer to wear knits with crocheted accessories, BUT I would happily wear many of these styles. Thanks for opening my mind!

Maya Kuzman said...

Hi Eve, knits with crocheted edgings and accessories are also quite appealing and charming! I'm glad you like the selection!

LitlBits said...

I realize this is an older post. So I don't know if you'll even see this. Are ANY of these gorgeous patterns available? WHERE?

I've just today found your blog and your beautiful designs! I am "hooked"! Now if I only had more time to crochet...........I feel like I am so SLOW when hooking....
Trying to pick up speed, but doing so often leads to errors - and frogging! and some yarns are very reluctant to be frogged...very frustrating!

Maya Kuzman said...

Of course I will see it. I follow everything going on on my blog. Welcome :)
The patterns, or more precisely the charts for all these tunics are for free. You just have to know how to read them.
I believe we have all been in your place. It takes time and practice to master any skill-including crochet. But when you do, you'll love it!

Jen said...

Oh, I love tunics too! Especially bohemian or folk-style. I'm collecting patterns, crochet and fabric, hoping to find some time to make a few. :-) Sharing this post! xx