Monday, May 30, 2016

TinoSki: Ceramic Stories that Capture Hearts


Hello lovelies! I have a special treat for you today.
Meet TinoSki!
A brand that will tickle your imagination and capture your heart! But who is the artist behind the brand?
Please introduce yourself to my readers. Who is the creative force of TinoSki?
My name is Valentin Petreski. By profession I am a journalist and in the past I worked both as a TV reporter and a host for national TV stations. For the past 4 years I have been working for a leading national e-commerce site. Aside from that, for the past year I have been passionately creating my products under the brand TinoSki.
Creativity and communication have always been my forte and I love spreading positive energy through my work. I believe in a success based on hard work.
How did your brand TinoSki come to see the world and what does the range of products include?
TinoSki started off quite spontaneously - with an idea to make a cup for myself, the kind I wouldn't find in a shop. I experimented with an ordinary marker on a yellow cup, made it according to my taste and I shared it on Instagram. And you know how the story goes... people loved it, asked where they could find such cups, whether I could custom make them, etc. After a few cups given to my closest friends and family, TinoSki started its fame by word of mouth. That motivated me to more seriously research the process of drawing on porcelain and ceramics and the use professional paints to create cups that tell stories. After a year of beautifying cups, which by the way are my trademark, I also draw on plates, teapots, bowls, etc. Beside that, the newest refreshment of the TinoSki range are the 4 notebook designs that I have been yearning to do for a long time and the idea just got realized. These are the basic products, but I am in a process of brainstorming and shaping ideas that I hope to bring to life really soon.  


What is your last collection and what was the inspiration behind it?
Chronologically, my last is the mini-collection of plates featuring cities. I wanted something unique to accompany savoury food. So through a drawing and a cute note, you can eat pasta in Venice, have breakfast in London and munch cookies in Amsterdam... Always in your favourite city in your mind. The beauty of the cities and my never-ending desire for travels have inspired me to make this collection. Before the plates, there were the flower pots and those were inspired by everyday hearty smiles provoked by the spring sun.
How did the story of hand-painting porcelain begin?
I have always loved art, not in a classical way but I experimented with what had already been there and I finished it by giving the piece a new shape, new appearance. The porcelain was a true challenge  - a new, clean, clear and shiny surface patiently waiting to be carefully decorated. I was attracted by the purity of it and its specific drawing space so I started finding out my own techniques.
What motifs appear the most in your creations? Where does inspiration come?
I am mostly inspired by conversing with people and exchanging ideas. I cannot single out an individual motif since each order carries its own story. Most often the orders are personalized. However I can say that they all contain dots as a symbol of a completed thought, a basic element of every picture. And yes, black and red are the most dominant colors as they are my favourite and basic color combination. Of course I introduce other colors as my customers desire, but that is quite subtle.

What is trending at the moment?
Just recently I posted a teapot featuring a flower design, irregular shape and spring colorfulness. People loved it, so I can say that that particular spring design is popular right now. Also the personalized notes especially written in Cyrillic as something authentic are always popular, then there are the cups and saucers that form a complete picture when put together.



I know that all artists like all their pieces equally and that it's hard to pick just one as a favourite. Still, I will ask: is there a favourite piece? What binds you to it?

It's true that one loves his all pieces but it is also true that something comes to your mind first when asked this question. I have to admit that I find the sets from my collection "Share love" are dearest to me because I invested a lot of energy and desire to share them with others. The sets are composed of mini cups that when joined make an animal drawing: a giraffe bear, owl and a cat. They are given human characteristics, that is they all have a moment that connects them to people, because animals have feelings too. That is maybe my dearest collection, although I love everything I have made so far.
What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I am trying to decide what will come next from TinoSki because I like all ideas to realize at the same time, which of course is not possible. It takes time and space, but I think I can order the plans and bring them to life. I would love to keep that a secret so that we share the joy when that happens :)
Is there a technique or a style you'd like to try your hand at in the future or maybe work with new materials?
The porcelain is a fantastic foundation, however I'd love to try out new materials. For the time being I am interested in   trying out some new drawing techniques to me and I would be ecstatic if I manage to make ceramics myself one day. I believe everything happens at a given time, so we'll just wait and see.  
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I have less and less free time. The work on my brand TinoSki is actually done in my free time, but besides that I want to go out grab a coffee with my friends and family, I love being in the sun during the day. I love new experiences and challenges - at the moment I'd like to try out still water kayaking :)
Thank you so much for sharing your world with us!
If you want to order a custom made piece from TinoSki, you can contact Tino on his page



Alhana said...

Thanks for sharing this interview with us. His work is stunning! As a porcelain lover, I simply can't pick a favourite.

Little Treasures said...

I am so glad you like it Alhana!I fell in love with his work the minute I saw it!

Divya N said...

So very unique and quirky, thanks for introducing such a unique brand

Little Treasures said...

My pleasure Divya!

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What a talented artist and thanks for introducing us to his work. Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
Enjoy the week.

handmade by amalia said...

Such an interesting interview, Maya. I enjoyed his story and his art. That very first one, the pot with the plant, is just darling.

Little Treasures said...

I am glad I did Julie! Thank you for hosting!

Little Treasures said...

My thoughts exactly, Amalia :)