Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Gothic Quarter ://: Barrio Gótico


When we visited Barcelona a month ago, we were smart enough to find accommodation in the Gothic Quarter and we were grateful with each day spent there that we did. Because we were in the heart of Barcelona and could see and visit things we might have missed otherwise.

The Gothic Quarter, which was a Roman village in the past and still possesses remnants of its glorious past, retains a labyrinthine street plan with many narrow streets that open out into beautiful small squares. 

There are churches and museums intertwined with the Gothic Quarter's medieval streets -  like Placa del Rei, Santa Maria del Pi and Placa Merce, to mention a few. So you'd want to throw away your map and happily get lost in the streets and passages. 

The streets are filled with all kinds of beautifully arranged and designed shops. From antique shops where you can buy art, bric-a-brac and curios, to shops selling traditional tiles, bowls or jugs, to handmade artists' and designer shops, bakeries, cafes and small restaurants - your journey through the streets is going to be one unique and magnificent experience. One you'll never forget!



Alhana said...

Barcelona is a beautiful city overall but I must agree with you: the Gothic Quarter is the prettiest. :-)

Little Treasures said...

I would love to be there again!

handmade by amalia said...

Gorgeous! This is my favorite part of the city as well.

Little Treasures said...


chris Lafargue-Bonet said...

I haven't visited Barcelona... yet. But my sweet Spanish husband wants to take me there for sure, so I'm just waiting for the time to come. :)
I have enjoyed Madrid, Toledo, a little bit of Cordoba and Sevilla.
Lots of beautiful sights so far!

Heather W said...

I love Barcelona. Beautiful trip down memory lane.