Wednesday, April 10, 2019

On Old Cuffs and New Pendants


In my journey as a crochet jewelry and accessories designer, I've come to learn that some crochet pieces rank better than others. Such are my cuffs and bracelets which always strike a chord with a wide audience and instantly become best-sellers.
It is no secret I too love making them and wearing them dearly, regardless of the material they are made.  Which brings me to the cuff from this post.
This simple beauty was among the first ones made - cannot even recall if I have ever posted about it, but it is still one of the dearest. I (mostly) own every cuff I have ever made and though this one is followed by many beaded and awesomely decorated beauties, this plain and dull cuff remains a favourite.

Whenever I work on a new model of a cuff / bracelet - which I am right now, I always take out the old ones to remind myself of the patterns and I pay attention that no pattern repeats with the new cuff. Hence, it was then when I decided this oldie needs a slight refreshment without disturbing it greatly and added this pendant, which I think perfectly suits it. I added it by attaching it to the cuff with a jump ring so that I could easily take it off when the cuff needs to be washed.

Yes, it is a bit shabby and worn out, but I see it will be still loved in the future.  

My new cuff is already made, but I am a bit lazy with the beading. Hopefully, it will be done soon.


Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Well loved beauties always are the most precious ones!

Aleksandra Strzelecka said...

Crochet jewelery is always most wonderful ones. Your crochet cuff is like spring sun. With the pendant is very elegant.
Hugs :)

Kate said...

I love the cuff - wish I were dainty enough to wear one. lol

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You make such beautiful cuffs and are always working on something pretty. I love all of your creations. :)