Wednesday, July 3, 2019

5 Fantastic Summer DIYs

 Pooling DIY ideas for the summer, I found some great creative tutorials to share with you. In my summer bucket list I just posted back on Monday I forgot to add printing / stamping with plants and other object which has been my wish to try for quite a long time, so I chose an interesting tute showing printing with fruits and veggies

Also, this is a lovely way to preserve plants and flowers and make unique art. Meet Leaf Mandala.

While at plants, I couldn't resist this gorgeous, monster leaf pillow.

 Another fun project - wooden, hand painted geometrical magnets.

And lastly, Mondrian inspired mason jars for bringing color to your balcony or garden.


Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Oh, I love those Mondrian jars. Though not a huge fan of modern Art, I've always liked Mondrian...

Luloveshandmade said...

Thank you for recommending two of my DIYs! :) Hugs, Lu

Maya Kuzman said...

I cannot say no to all modern art, though I am picky about it :)

Maya Kuzman said...

You are welcome Lu! Thank you for being an inspiration! xoxo

handmade by amalia said...

Beautiful. I want to try them all.