Saturday, June 13, 2020

Susani in Crochet


So. If you didn't know - when I get fixated on something and get it into my head, well... it's hard to take it out. This happened with the Susani textiles from my last post. I said I would love to try it in crochet - and I did!

For this project, I made a couple of squares and designed simple shapes I thought I could execute well.

The pink square  is the first one I did. For that one I used surface crochet for the central design, embroidery for the corners (lazy daisy and French knots) and regular crochet (picots)  for the edges. Since this is my first project of this kind, the central motif pulled the work a bit up - and this can be noticed on the bottom side - should have added more picots to elongate that side and minimize the tension there - but I saw it after I was done, and to be honest, hated frogging it, so I left it as is. 


The mauve one might look simpler in appearance, but it was more challenging. I started with the burgundy part, and after the initial chain, I pulled a pretty long strand of yarn up (surface crochet is worked with the yarn below the work) on the surface so that I can make it a 3-D, but it was really difficult, so for the next 2 layers, I just surface crocheted the outlines and added the next row as I would do with a regular crochet. I added French knots again to make it lively because I didn't like anything else added to the motif, and made a shelled edging around it.

I truly enjoyed trying my hand at this. As a matter of fact I have another couple of squares coming up for which I am eager to try something else. But they are still in the design stage. 
Will talk to you soon! Have a lovely weekend! 


ruşyena said...

These are beautiful. I also want to see next ones.
I love your suzani crochet tries.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Ruşyena!

Alhana said...

It's my first time seeing this kind of craft. They look so pretty!

Kim said...

I love how you experiment with ideas, Maya, resulting in something beautiful and unique each time.

handmade by amalia said...

Beautiful. And such a great use of color.