Saturday, December 19, 2020

Bohemian Christmas

For the last couple of Christmases, following my daughter's wish, we've been exclusively decorating our Christmas tree in red and golden baubles and ornaments. Honestly, I do like the festive, and a kind of magical atmosphere such decor creates and this year, after all the challenges and insecurities the 2020 brought on our backs, I was looking forward for this calmer, more relaxing and soothing ambience at home. 

However, my two extremities started battling - the steady and calm Victorian, and the raging Bohemian gypsy. I couldn't suppress the yelp of the bohemian spirit, so  I crocheted various decorations to soothe my boho cravings. I am going to display them in a secluded corner, just for my enjoyment. 

Another thing - I have the patterns for these, so do drop back on Monday for the pattern/ tutorial reveal, if interested.

My inspiration board:

 All images taken from Pinterest via the Bohemian Christmas search   
What about you? What is your Christmas decorating style?


handmade by amalia said...

I'm enjoying this abundance of color.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Amailia :)
I knocked myself out with the others (not shown here).

Alhana said...

I enjoy seeing your Christmas decor because it looks so colourful and different to mine, which is sober and rather traditional. Looking forward to Monday's reveal. :-)

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You crocheted pretty Christmas decorations Maya. Have a nice week and a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Your Bohemian baubles are wonderful, Maya! They make me smile. My husband and I live in a tiny condo, which we have permanently decorated with a Tiki bar theme. So we don’t decorate for Christmas.


Kim said...

How stupendous you succumbed to your bohemian spirit. The exquisite colours here are mind blowing. Gosh, how I would love to have a little peek into your Bohemian festive home. I have a feeling I would think I was in the land where gypsies and fairy tales abound.

Maya Kuzman said...

Dear Kim, you wouldn't want to drop by on a day when I have my projects strewn out and about the whole place. Believe me. You would think it's Halloween, not Christmas 😂. Thank you for the sweetest comment dear friend!!!