Monday, November 1, 2021

Quick Scarf Refashion

Hello  crafty friends and happy November! Today I am sharing a quick refashion on a scarf I have made eons ago. It is a simple double crochet scarf and somehow I managed to lose the original flower it had on.  A while after I made it, to make it more appealing, I sewed a ribbon on both its edges and added a bow (made with the same ribbon) to the flower, but with the flower gone, the scarf looked weird, so I thought a refashion is in order. 

I cut a long strip of said ribbon into half and weaved through near the scarf's sides. I added small woolen flowers and fringes from the same yarn at edges to fill in the bareness. The fraying ribbon gives it a shabby look and I like it way better like this.

The free pattern for this scarf is here. 

Have you refashioned anything lately?



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Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

The scarf refashion looks so pretty and perfect for the holidays.