Monday, April 4, 2022

Crochet Trends - Spring /Summer 2022

One of the crochet trends this spring/summer that does not disappoint and is actually quite appealing and catching is the enormous flowers on crochet apparel. Oscar de la Renta's Magnolias are truly gorgeous. I would love to create something similar for summer!
Next is embroidery on crochet. Something that has been twirling around for some time, but it is gaining momentum and I hope it continues to be trendy. Valentino is consistent in making their knit and crochetwear spectacular by adding large-scale motifs, mostly flowers, and the interesting thing is that they are first embroidered on tulle, then cut and appliqued / sewn onto the crochet/knit piece.

I also found interesting pieces using crochet as applique on pinterest.



Sum of their Stories said...

I love both these trends, though a floral crop top is not really me and some of the pieces look quite breezy! Both could be easily adapted to be a bit more wearable for us ordinary folks I'm sure, so so pretty :-)

Maya Kuzman said...

Well, I might wear one if covered underneath, but the young folks love these as are. I learned this from my daughter ­čśů


Modelos espectaculares... independientemente que tengamos o no edad para lucirlos.

Veo muy asequible adornar alguna prenda con flores.