Saturday, April 9, 2022

Easter Chicks & Eggs Appliques - free crochet pattern

Are you decorating for Easter? I have some cute chicks and eggs appliques ready to attach to Easter baskets. I cannot wait to see my little nephew's face when he sees these!

Before I share the pattern, please note that: The written  pattern in its entirety along with the photos are for personal use only. All property rights belong to Maya Kuzman of The Little Treasures.

Yarn and hook: sport yarn of your choice and colors (I love working with Phil Cotton #3 and Tango) and a 3 mm hook (UK11) (US 10/3).

Stitches (American terminology): chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc)5-dc cluster.

Other: tapestry needle for weaving ends, scissors, and seed beads for eyes, sewing needle and thread for sewing the eyes.

Easter Chick Pattern:

Foundation and round 1: Ch4 (counts as 1dc + foundation chain) and in 1st st of that chain, dc9. Ch3 (counts as 1st dc) and turn work (10).

Round 2: dc1 in 1st st, then dc2 in all (20) The body is done. Ch4 and turn work.

Head/beak: In 1st st make a 5dc-cluster. Ch6 and sl st in 3rd st of that chain (the beak is done) and sl st in the stitch where you made the cluster.


Tail: Turn the chick with the back side up and insert yarn into the second stitch of the chick’s behind. Ch5 and sc1 in next st. Ch6 and sc1 in next st. Ch5 and sl st in next st.

Comb and wattle: Insert (red) yarn at the top (cluster) st and ch3. Sl st in same st. Ch4 and sl st in beak chain space, ch3 and sl st in same ch-sp again. The comb is done. Insert yarn under the beak, ch3, sl st in last st from hook, sl st in same st where you inserted the yarn. The wattle is done. Work all tails. Sew a seed bead for eye. 


Big Easter Egg pattern:

Foundation and round 1: ch4 and dc11 in first st of that 4-chain (12). Sl st with 1st st to end round.

Round 2: Ch2 (counts as 1hdc) and dc1 in same (first) st. Tr1 in next st., dc1 and hdc1 in next st. Next, hdc1, sc1 in next 2 sts., sc2 in next 3 sts.,sc1 in next 2 sts., hdc1 in last. Sl st with 1st st to end round (17). Work tails.


Small Easter Egg pattern

Foundation and round 1: ch3 and hdc11 in first st of that 3-chain (12). Sl st with 1st st to end round.

Round 2: Ch2 (counts as 1hdc) in 1st st. Dc1 in next st., hdc1 in next st. Next, sc1 in next 3 sts., sl st in next 3 sts., sc1 in next 3 sts. Sl st with 1st st to end round (12). Work tails.


You can use these appliques to decorate Easter baskets sew onto bags, hats, little kids' clothes, or use as hanging decorations.



This pattern is also included in my Easter Bundle on etsy
Happy weekend!



Son detalles de Pascua muy simpático y fáciles de hacer.

Gracias por compartir gráficos!


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You made the cutest crocheted Easter decorations. I like the basket and the chicks!

Val said...

So cute!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you for visiting, Val!

French Ethereal said...

Maya, I love these sweet hens, chicks and eggs! Just perfect for Easter and for decorating children's clothing, our own jeans and more!! So happy to feature your sweet post at this week's Share Your Style #342. <3

Sending post Easter hugs,
Barb :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Barb!! Immensely appreciate the feature!! Hugs!