Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Crochet Techniques: Bosnian Crochet

Paid Pattern by Svetlana Gordon

What is Bosnian crochet? 
It is a simple slip stitch crochet technique where the slip stitches are worked into either the front or the back loop only. Thus, the fabric created is not only thick, but exceptionally warm too. 
This technique was traditionally used to make socks, slippers / feet warmers, mittens and hats.

The hook employed in this type of crochet is an unusual one. It has a long, flat and fat body that slopes down at the neck/hook. The reason for this is that you pull the stitches over the body to create a bigger loop, because if you tried slip stitching, then you know the stitches tend to get very tight and small with regular hooks.
Here's a video of how it is done. 

Although now popular around the world, in the past Bosnian crochet (originating from Bosnia, of course) was most widely practiced in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It also goes by the names of Shepherd's and Dutch knitting.

Free socks pattern by Donna Druchunas

My grandma used this technique to make us house slippers. However, I've never tried it myself, because slip stitches are tedious and I get easily tired working them. 

Have you done anything in this technique? 

                     Free scarf pattern by Vashti Braha / Image credit: txgardener  

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