Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally some time off

Phew! I completed a great project (translation-related) and I finally have time to dedicate myself to my children and my sewing. I have planned several projects to finish before Easter and I sincerely hope to be good at time management and do everything on the 'to do' list. And the list is quite comprehensive. I want to make costumes for both my children for the 1st of April.
Eva wishes to be the Queen of Hearts after Mom's hearty persuasion that the Queen's attire is much more sophisticated and glamorous than Alice's (which all you know is true), while Jacob wanted to be a mighty dinosaur. As for Eva's costume, yesterday I found a red silk dress at the thrift store which needs shortening and fitting so part of the job is done but I couldn't show it here since it is still soaking. As for Jacob's costume, I couldn't find the appropriate fabric and we decided on his being a mighty tiger.
And we bought two meters of this:

Now, those who know me, know that I detest animal prints. I don't like (read:hate) fur - of any kind.
But in order to please my flesh and blood I have to sacrifice something. So tiger he is going to be.

I also bought some white laces (which happens once in a blue moon) because I am not much of a white person because usually pinks and purples and blues do the thing for me. The white fabric peeking below is velvet and is just beautiful. I won't be this delighted when it comes to wearing it because it'll get dirty as hell.

The lace on the left is for the green velvet dress I am planning to make this week, while the one on the right was so appealing I couldn't resist buying. It is too sturdy for a shirt - but I'll think of something.

And I also bought a dust pink ribbed vintage fabric for yet another dress but the fabric was not dry as to be pictured.
I wish you a nice, fruitful week.

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RheLynn said...

Oh wow some lovely finds - wish you good sewing on your green velvet dress! I just got two days off as well - hopefully will be able to make something new in that time.