Friday, March 5, 2010

Woolen umbrellas

In a conversation with one of the mothers at Jacob's kindergarten she asked me if I remember the cute woolen umbrellas we used to make in Craft classes when we were in elementary school. Of course I remember. We loved making them in every possible colour and playing with them until they fell apart.

So, last weekend I thought it would be fun if we (that's me and my children) make some and today I composed a little tutorial for this. Here it goes:


Step 1
For this project you will need some wool, corks and toothpicks.

Step 2
Mark the cork about 2 cm below the top making a circle with the pencil where you will place the toothpicks.

Step 3
Insert the toothpicks along the line. The best shape of the umbrella is acquired if you use about 8 toothpicks as I did. When inserting them the distance from one to the other should be equal.

It should look like this

Step 4
Tie a knot around one of the toothpicks. That'll be your starting pick.

Step 5
Take the thread and take it to the next one coiling it once around it and move to the next one. Work in circles.

While working you may push the thread lightly towards the cork with your thumb. Do not overstretch the thread because it may snap the toothpick, but hold it firmly enough.

Step 6
When you want to bring in new colour, do not cut the first thread. Hold it back and tie the new one (as shown).

Holding the first thread with one hand, work with the second one until you are satisfied with the pattern.

When you want to change the thread again just bring it forward (as shown). Remember that it is best to use the starting toothpick to change the threads.

When you are done, cut the threads ....

.....and tie them in a knot.

Here's your umbrella.

Step 7
Disguise the base. I used the light pink thread. You may, paint it, paste it with paper, cloth or whatever you desire. You may do the same with the top of it.

Step 8
Embellish it. For this one I used some beads.

And I tied tiny pieces of thread on the tips.

Insert a toothpick at the bottom. And that's it!

Let you imagination run wild and make some more.

I hope the instructions were clear. And if you really like this project and make it, drop me a line. I would love to see yours!

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role playing mom said...

Love this tute, I always wonder how to make these, thanks for sharing it...