Monday, March 29, 2010

A happy day!

Today I received a pleasant surprise! A gift from Mai!
A couple of weeks ago I participated in Mai's fantastic giveaway and won some lovely treasures.
I can't describe my happiness when I got the packet:

I just have to learn the way Mai makes her envelopes. So environmentally conscious.

And inside:

Thank God I remembered to take a picture before opening it.

Heart beats faster in anticipation...

A gorgeous craft (sewing) book by Rari Yoshio
with phenomenal ideas

Gorgeous fabric scraps

And even more little treasures

Thank you Mai!
You don't want to miss Mai's blog! She has amazing tutorials and a pair of hands with which she creates magic. She does everything by hand. And she also has a fantastic shop. Be sure to visit her!

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RheLynn said...

What a superb package and contents!