Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The big, the small and the tiny

As I mentioned yesterday I made something out of an old oil cloth. It was a tablecloth in its previous life. I found it in a box, neatly folded, feeling miserable over a burned hole in its body. Since my mother in law didn't intend to use it any more, I thought it might be fun if I get hold of it.

The idea was to make a beach bag. Whole summer I've been struggling with wet beach towels and swimsuits, carrying two-three other (cotton) bags so that I don't mix the dry and the wet ones. So I thought it would be a great idea if I make a bag that wouldn't mind getting wet, that would be easy to dry and clean and big and spacious enough for all the things we carry to the beach.

I love it already! Can't wait to try it this weekend!

Since it was a big tablecloth I used the scraps to make Miss Eva a cute bag she will certainly use when she goes to the beach with her friends and is big enough for all the girly stuff she always takes like sunglasses, sunblock, lip gloss, a kerchief and a pair of bikini. I hope she likes it!

And since I cut out the squares (brain storming other projects) I made a tiny pincushion!
Phew! How's that... enough repurposing?!


Papgena Made It said...

Great repurposing!
I love the pattern, is beautiful!
and the tiny pincushion is sooooo cute!!!

Little Treasures said...

Thank you Papgena!!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Love the retro fabric and the tote and a great idea to cut the squares into a pincushion. I also love the necklaces you posted about yesterday. Did you post a tutorial for those I did a quick search but couldn't find one? I am interested in jewellery making but don't know the name of all the parts and don't know what to ask for when I am at the bead store!

Little Treasures said...

Thank you on the lovely comment KJ!
Regarding the necklaces - No, I didn't post a tutorial for the necklaces - I referred to my carnation tutorial. As for the jewelery parts - to be honest I am still learning the name of the parts in English. Great way to learn the names is to go to Etsy for example search for jewelery suppliers and there you'll find the names of parts along with pictures. So you'll know what's what. I hope this helps.

Ophelia.K said...

Such a lovely fabric!! I like to recycle as well. The one for your little lady is my favorite. The shape is so cute!

by night said...

Lovely job again! I have a oil cloth tote bag on my to-do list.. Il like the shape of yours!

Clara said...

That's some gorgeous stuff you whipped up. I love when people repurpose, bring a tear to my eye, it does.