Friday, August 6, 2010

Body art - a butterfly and a crab

At kindergarten Jakov receives a lovely children's magazine called Rosica with lots of stories, poems and craft ideas. This one is taken from there. It's how to make cute watercolor pictures of animals (or insects) with your hands and feet.

For this cute project you need sheets of watercolor paper and watercolors.

You apply a generous amount of color to your child's feet and press them on the paper one by one because they should be placed in opposite position of the one they naturally are.
Like this.

These are the wings of the butterfly.

Then you add all the details by dipping the forefinger in different colours. Make the body and the spots on the wings.

I like when a watercolor gains a different dimension by simply outlining it with a marker. And here it is. A picture with your child's signature.

For the crab you just have to press the hands joined together with the fingers apart.
The thumbs had to be at an angle but for Jakov this was a bit difficult hand positions (which it is-try it for yourself), so now it looks like the crab had grown horns :)

Add little eyes and a smiling mouth since this is one friendly and good-natured crab.
Tomorrow we are going to make a giraffe and a jelly-fish.


RheLynn said...

very cute!

ByNightCreations said...

I loove the idea! Are grown-ups allowed to make some too?

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh, certainly! Or the fun wouldn't be complete ;)

Gaby said...

What a clever idea.
Big compliment to your son. Really well done.

Have a great weekend.