Saturday, April 30, 2011

A dress with attitude

Last night I whipped up this dress.
Sorry, that is not exactly true since whipping up implies quickness, easiness and this was not the case here.
What I believed to be an hour or two dress, turned out to be an all-night nightmare.

I am to attend a party tonight. I checked my wardrobe and alas! There wasn't a piece that I could fit into. Why? Because I have not shaken off the winter fat my hips have so laboriously stocked. So I plunged into sewing a dress.

I used a Burda pattern (1/2010) for this and I have never been more wrong.
When I saw it, it had a retro flare and stroke me as a Jackie O dress.
I imagined it with the lace piece running along the front panel, but somehow it didn't look appropriate with the shape so I cut it at the front and sew the second part around the waist (yes, once there was a tiny waist...). I hand sew it and it almost shattered my nerves.
I had to add front darts and back darts to it because otherwise it would have looked as a sack.
I also had to get rid of the sleeves because they didn't fit well with the altered pattern.
However, I must say that I like how it turned out despite the experience being a horrific one!

The lace is vintage - I have taken it from an old dress of my mom's and have always wanted to pair it with this red lax I had in my stash. And I am glad I did.

And if you were wondering what the initial dress (pattern) looked like - here it is:


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

The red and the vintage lace are classic and you are going to look great for the party, if you still have the energy!

I was just looking at the Burda site for the downloadable version - I think it's this one, right?

It is amazing how something you think will be a "whip up" can turn into an all-nighter. That's exactly what happened to me in the Anda dress. It looked like a sack when I first made it and then (since I didn't have a party to go to:) I put it away for months!!
Have a great time tonight!

Unknown said...

Oh Maya I wish I were as adept at sewing as you are! That's the dream of every woman, stand in front of her closet, say "I've nothing to wear", go into your sewing room and create something that NOBODY wears, LOL! Love the lacey touch of your dress, it looks really good on you!

Cheri said...

Very pretty!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yep, that Burda pattern looks like it WOULD look like a sack. But I have to tell you that you did amazing alterations and turned it into a very fashionable and pretty dress that looks great. You have amazing skill, so why aren't you smiling...oh ... sorry, forgot you had an all night nightmare that turned into a dream ~lol~
xx, Carol

ByNightCreations said...

Maya, it just looks wonderful! It is a good thing you went on despite the difficulty! Red looks amazing on you! and that lace just gives the dress a super unique touch. Your dress is much much better that the original one, really!

Papgena Made It said...

Your dress is much better!! You did an awsome jobe and the lace is just perfect!
You'll make a huge success in the party!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you all!!
KJ: That's it! That's the pattern - I didn't think of looking for it on the Burdastyle platform since I buy the magazines. Thank you for adding the link. I would have never thought that your Anda spent so time in the closet because it looks fantastic on you!
Carol: I hate being Grumpy but the timer caught me off guard! Your comment was hilarious! Thank you!
I had a great time at the party by the way and looks this is going to be my new favourite dress!

the gathering girls said...

very nice!

Unknown said...

Lovely dress.

Sylvia N. said...

This color is stunning! I am so envious that you can do these sorts of fitting design modifications!


aahaa..very simple but dashing..hmmm