Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let it be Earth day, every day

{Cork specially stitched to mark the day}

Today on Earth Day I might dare look behind and be content with what I've done to help save the Earth:

As a housewife I avoid buying cleaning/washing detergents that are harmful for the environment and revert to organic cleaning solutions. You don't know what good can baking soda do.
I try not to buy plastic. Have you looked around your house to see how many of your products come in plastic. Recycled plastic can be highly dangerous for both people and the environment. When I find a tip of how to make my own (good) organic shampoos and bath foams AND persuade my family to use them, I would get rid of those bottles too.
As a parent I have raised the 'protection of the environment awareness' to the highest level possible. My family sorts out recycables in a somewhat manic manner. On many occasions one can witness mountains of paper in certain corners of the house but it's not newspapers because we rarely buy any. Instead we read online editions and watch news on TV. We try to buy books made from trees of sustainable forests. You wonder how we know? Those books have that stated on the page with the publishing house's specifics. The paper we collect is mostly from community notifications and bills, old notebooks and magazines children receive in schools. We recycle it by making our own (handmade) paper ( but that is a story for another time), for art and craft projects, etc.
Wise use of electricity and water is the priority in this household. Do you know how much water is wasted while brushing teeth with the tap running? According to this article, an individual would let 684 gallons run down the drain in a year's time of brushing their teeth.

As a teacher I have the privilege of influencing and raising the awareness of the impact modern living has over a wide audience and I have been involved in lectures about protection of the environment and Projects concerning the recycling of plastic, paper and used batteries.

As a citizen of this country I am proud to say that the government funded project "Plant a Tree - Plant your Future" is making a phenomenal contribution to the preservation of the Earth. So far, about 20 million trees have been planted out of which about 7,5 million only this past November which shows the giant steps the project is taking.

This spring the Project provided all schools kids with ash seeds to plant themselves into pots, monitor and record the seedlings as they grow and when they grow sufficiently, plant them in designated places.

What do you do to help save Earth?
Know of any good ideas and links to share?

Join the cause!
Please Recycle!
Plant some trees!
Help save the Earth!

Happy Earth Day!


Ira Huberts said...

Awareness is everything Maya. If we would ALL be more careful with nature's fine resources mother earth wouldn't protest so much in the form of eruptions, mudslides and torrents... We need to respect her so much more... Thanks for your love of our valued earth Maya!

Erin Kate said...

Awe, what a cute cork. I agree with your post, love the earth!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Beautiful cork stitchery and beautiful post. Happy Earth Day Maya!

RobyGiup said...

Good ideas! I've shared something similar in an old post Something Green.
I forgot to write that I also use fabric shopping bags instead of plastic ones, sewn by myself of course! ;)

PS: beautiful cork!

RobyGiup said...

Ops... I tried to add the link to the post but it seems it doesn't work... Here it is:

cucicucicoo said...

happy earth day to you, too! it sounds like you are doing your part. i would love to hear about how you make your own recycled paper! we bring so much paper to be recycled, i'd love to be able to reuse it ourselves! i hear that you have to dispose of the ink that comes out from the paper in a special way, though, and that can be problematic?

Michele Pacey said...

Good for you and your family for doing all you can do for our beautiful Earth. We only have one after all and it is our duty to protect her.

Happy Belated Earth Day (every day)! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi, Maya

Great post,


Katrine - make it and fake it said...

Well to be honest it prob should be earth day everyday!! I love the cork!! so cute!

love K

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Bravo! I really try to do what I can but it is so difficult in this country. Recycling is still pretty much non-existent and littering is a big, big problem here. I can't stand to see garbage everywhere -- you can imagine what it is like in a dust storm. It's not the dust you are concerned about, but what will come flying at you during the storm. They don't even some to think that cutting down trees is a problem even when there are so few here. I find it very sad. Hard to deal with at times. Wishing you all the best, Tammy