Friday, August 17, 2012

Pre-wedding excitement

Wow, guys I cannot tell you how excited I am!
Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and a very special day for us all. I'll officially get another sister!!

So I thought of making a special post to remember the pre-wedding excitement {there were moments when I actually hyperventilated as if this was my own wedding} and things I had prepared for it.

The picture of the dress turned yucky, and believe me it is much more beautiful in reality. The sash is stitched to the dress and the flower (which is gorgeous) is made of layers of grey and fuchsia/purplish silk.

I was clueless as of what kind of jewelry to wear. So I thought pastel, delicate piece would just be the right thing and I whipped up this cutey.

At the front
At the back

When I showed these photos to the hairdresser, she said the style was a piece of cake. We shall see about that tomorrow!

A glimpse of what shades I am to put. In the past I used to hire a professional make up artist for special occasions, but in the last couple of years I do that myself after being complimented on the make up I had done myself.

Well the picture says it all.
{The hair pictures were taken from my board here}

There will be an update of the post :)

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Unknown said...

Awww, this no doubt shows how over enthusiastic you are about your cousin's marriage. But anyhow, the preparations you have done is very inspiring and gorgeous.
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