Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skirt to Scarf Refashion

In my pursuit of repurposing good pieces, I made another scarf from two very dear pieces. 

The skirt is a rich burgundy corduroy with lovely ruffles that made the skirt for what it was - a cutie! Eva got it as a gift, but the elastic at the waist was so tight there was no way for her to wear it. I knew that if I tried to change and insert new elastic I would ruin it since it was with one of those set-in elastics that can be removed along with a big part of the fabric. So it stayed put for many, many years. 

As for the woolen scarf - I have had it since uni. Needless to mention that it so dear to my heart  I was set to keep it until doomsday. But, it started to show the tooth of time and before it got any holes I decided to save it and hence the match. It is as good as if made in heaven. 

Luckily i didn't have to cut away the flowery ruffle and use the whole front part of the skirt without chipping at it (the skirt was slightly circular) and I needed to add / patch just a small part to use the entire length of the woolen scarf. 
And this is not all. I have some other refashioned pieces coming along nicely and in due time.


Diane said...

Wonderful scarf design, the rich color sure looks nice.

Hugs Diane

Unknown said...

I've told you before, only you could come up with such a totally neat idea Maya! The garments have been given an amazing new life!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Laura Ivonne Servetti said...

Hi, great idea !! thank you ! have a nice day.

Sara Lehman said...

What a fantastic idea!

I hope you get a chance to hop over and share with us at Tell Me About It Tuesday.

Annabellouise said...

The new scarf is gorgeous, my favourite winter colour.

Sara Lehman said...

Thanks for sharing at Tell Me About It Tuesday! I hope you join us again this week.