Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to read round crochet charts and a free flower pattern

I get a lot of comments and questions from my customers about my photo tutorials and one thing I've learned so far is that people's feelings towards crochet charts vary from mild fear to utter aversion.
Let me tell you one thing. The minute I learned how to follow a crochet chart I didn't turn to written patterns ever again. I mean like never! So I thought it might be fun and a bit educational if I show you how to read the charts - understandably that you are familiar with the basic crochet stitches.  Today I am showing you how to read patterns in the rounds. Next time I will show you how to read a square.

I made a variation of my Mini Flowers and Forget-Me-Nots.
This is the chart with the crochet symbols for the flower. Looks great isn't it?
Let's divide it into steps.
We'll call this a Field Flower, so to make the foundation:
(The little dot represents the slip stitch)
Round 1: (the arrow with the number shows you where to start the round and the number of the round)

Round 2: (Repeat the pattern that is in the quotation marks)

Round 3:
And that's it. I hope this was easy and that you enjoyed it!
You can crochet the center of the flower (rounds 1+2) in another color for greater effect.  



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You explain it very well. I bought a book to explain it, but it still seemed like Greek to me ~lol~ I'm going to go back and have a look at it.
Thanks for the post.
xx, Carol

Divya N said...

It still sounds like Greek and Latin to me, but then I am more of a visual person who does better with trial and error than patterns

Lily said...

What a great post! I feel the same way about crochet charts - I love them! And they were the first way I learned before written patterns. I understand both, but I have met so many other crafters who don't and who are scared of charts.

Donna Wilkes said...

Learning to crochet is on my list for the new year. I will be back several times. Thanks for sharing this on Make It Monday.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Maya, this is such a helpful post and thanks for explaining the chart and stitches. I really should learn how to do this as I just read written patterns. Thanks for this!

Unknown said...

What a fine teacher you are Maya! Thanks for the explanation, now all I need is my creative gear which will be kept stashed away for a few more weeks, argh! Have a lovely evening!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Unknown said...

Thank you! I've been looking for something like this for quite awhile!

Ildiko said...

now thats how a tutorial should look like!charts are making our life easier!but could you recommand a good soft for it?thanks ildi

Jazzy said...

Wow it looks easy to understand, thank you for simplifying it..

Drora's minimundo said...

Thank you for sharing this tutorial.
It will be very useful for me.

Joanne T Ferguson said...

G'day Looks great! All blog comments appreciated and sharing is caring today!
Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List #SayGdayParty pinned

Elise Engh said...

This is so helpful, thank you! I've always been afraid to even try to figure those charts out, but ya, I can see how they could be easier once you get used to them.

Maria said...

love the crochet flowers, so pretty
Thanks for sharing this on Fabulous Friday Party