Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet Maria Maneva of Windmillshop

In my pursuit for new, exciting artists I came upon a compatriot of mine whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person and I must tell you she is quite remarkable! She is the creative force behind the etsy shop Windmillshop. She designs polymer clay and epoxy resin jewelry that breathes with a contemporary design.
Find out about what colors her world and what makes her smile every day through the interview she gladly accepted to do with me:
1. Who is Maria Maneva? (personally and professionally)
I've got two kids, a husband and a dog - they make my everyday life; we enjoy life together:)
I like when my friends come over for a movie night and after the film ends we end up having long conversations that feel like a token for a time machine - we travel back to the past and dream about the future; present time is never a topic to be discussed because it's always beautiful.
My professional biography is as colorful as the flowers on my balcony. Media, communication and culture are the center of my professional world. I am happy for that because each and every one of us is the writer of his/ her own biography and it depends on us whether we will allow it to become a best-seller.

  2. What do you make and what materials do you use? What is your last collection and what inspired you to make it?

I work with polymer clay and epoxy resin. I join these two materials - I use the clay as a foundation onto which I apply designed photographic paper and then I pout epoxy clay over the paper. I enjoy the whole process from start to finish. With my last collection "Switch On" I wanted to convey just that energy. It is a great joy once you realize that you can create anything you desire and I firmly believe that. And here I mean of the creation within one's own individual world.
The "Switch On" collection was my joyful cry and call for the others to open up towards themselves, to free from the chains and freely enjoy life. Do whatever you want with no delay - make it happen right now because how do you expect a new wish to be born if you hadn't realized the last one.

3. Where do you seek for inspiration?

I am inspired by people and their stories. I met people who with their life experiences turned to become my heroes, my inspiration. There is no need for stories to be always told verbally. It is sufficient to see a movement, a look, manners that leave a strong imprint. This happens to me almost all the time - I never get to meet these people personally - some of them are not even real; they are book or film characters, people from paintings. Recently to this same question asked by a journalist I replied that I am inspired with the miracle called life and the fact that we are created to create. I am inspired by people who are not afraid to dream and even less to create.

4. What are the most popular motifs that appear the most in your creations?

I make jewelry that I would personally wear, the one that I like and enjoy. The shapes that I use are a butterfly, a bird which greatly reflect my need for a free spirit. That is how I started my story associated with jewelry  - I wanted to wear jewelry that I couldn't find anywhere, so I started making it for myself. The jewelry is just one medium through which I express myself and I do that with great love that grows continually because you create a piece that attracts someone, so the communication becomes bidirectional - you give and receive energy.

When I create my collection, I create it visually first - in my head, where I employ even the tiniest of details. That space is clean and free, I add and take away if needed;no mistakes are possible here - one has full freedom to create to perfection 

5. What are the materials you like to work the most?

When I create my collection, I create it visually first - in my head, where I employ even the tiniest of details. That space is clean and free, I add and take away if needed;no mistakes are possible here - one has full freedom to create to perfection, of course I mean my own perfection, until I am not satisfied with the last picture I see. What follows next is the process of materialization of the idea. I don't make sketches beforehand  - I simply sit down and work the idea into a specific product, That is quite an interesting process - there are no omissions, just a creative game. I adore them equally, both the polymer clay and the epoxy resin because those are the materials that allow this endless game.

6.  What are you working on at the moment?

I work on my new collection called "Fruits, Flowers and Fantasies". I am deeply tuned into spring vibrations, I want to be colorful, vibrant and tempting, just as the spring tempts you to leave the cocoon and to smell, taste and touch rebirth.

7. Is there a technique or style you'd like to try in the future?

I explore a lot about techniques, I am curios and I know I will try a new technique, but when the right time comes. I don't want to make anything pretentious; I want to keep pure love, honesty and dedication with which I make all my pieces of jewelry.

8. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I like to dream more than to sleep :) and since I love travlling, I dream that one day I will have all the free time in the world and that I'll build a wonderful home on wheels.

Thank you Maria for sharing your thoughts with us!

You can find here amazing work in her etsy shop, see it on Facebook and pinterest.


handmade by amalia said...

What wonderful art! It was great to get to know a little about the artist.

Maya Kuzman said...

Wonderful indeed! Thank you Amalia!

Divya N said...

Its very interesting to see the work of a fellow resin artist. thanks for introducing her

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Thanks for introducing this talented artist to us. What pretty and unique pieces she makes.
Julie xo

Maya Kuzman said...

My pleasure Divya :)

Maya Kuzman said...

I completely agree! Thank you Julie !

Maya Kuzman said...

I completely agree! Thank you Julie !

Unknown said...

Such refined pieces of art you are showing us here Maya, thanks for sharing these little beauties, for they truly are amazing! Enjoy your evening!
♥Ira’s Crea Corner♥

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the mirror images of the famous works.

wimcee said...

beautifully presented, great choices - love it!