Thursday, October 29, 2015

Doppio M - a Creative Workshop

Hi guys! Today I want to introduce two immensely creative girls whose hands make wonders.
After seeing their creations I am sure you're going to fall in love with their work!
Without further ado, who is the creative force behind Doppio M?
Doppio M is represented by two girls, Mihaela and Monika, who after being acquaintances for ages, decided it is high time they merged their creativity and desire for expressing themselves through various forms of crafting.



What does your brand stand for?
Doppio M started as a creative workshop where we mainly made clay brooches, using our own original design. In time  ideas and products increase in number so now one can find many jewelries and accessories like necklaces, decorated jars, greeting cards , wedding favours, the lot.  


Where does inspiration come from?

We are swarmed with new ideas every day that come naturally and spontaneously. Often we do what we want to see for ourself in a material form, and we do that with immense pleasure. We help each other so that our ideas and wishes are not left confined in our heads, so with unreserved help and team work, we inspire each other.

What motifs most often appear in your creations?

The jewelry we make is mostly inspired by flora and fauna - we make clay animals or paint sceneries in a cute and entertaining way by which they are recognized as bearing our own signature.

What materials are your favourite to work with and why?
Ever since the beginning, the clay proved to be our trusty friend. We use white, stoneware clay that dries naturally, so when dried we paint our illustrations or clients' wishes. Besides jewelry, where the clay is the main component, we also use it to make bookmarks, decorations and small detailed work. Clay makes our inspiration tangible so we have to single it out as the material we are strongly linked with.  

What part of the creative process is the most fulfilling and you take most pleasure in?

Every part of the process is dear to us, starting from shaping the clay to packing the final product. Each stage brings its own magic, so each gets our undivided attention and focus. Creating "something" out of "nothing" is an incredible gift we give ourselves, hence we enjoy its uniqueness from start to finish.

What's trending at the moment? What products are most wanted?
We always have different orders and that makes us incredibly happy. People are so creative so we listen to their wishes with great pleasure. They always have interesting ideas we transfer on our brooches, necklaces or cards. All our creations proved successful so far, so we cannot single out any most wanted.

Is there a technique or a style you'd like to try in the future?
Of course. We are both enthusiastic about learning and trying out new techniques, so we have our eyes open to new inspiration.
Doppio M's palette is never final - there is a lot of place in it for many new things.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
We are Doppio M in our free time. All daily responsibilities end at the moment we put our hands on work materials. When you love what you do and feel that you receive while you give, the task losses its name and turns into freedom.

Thank you so much girls for this wonderful interview. I wish you loads and tons of success in the future.

You can follow Doppio M on instagram and FB and maybe have something made for yourself.



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