Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to Read Crochet Charts: Autumn Leaves

Lately, I 've had several requests for crochet leaves patterns and since they are all the rave right now, I found a chart I thought would be nice to include into my "how to read crochet charts" series.
Here's the chart. It employs the basic stitches and works up really fast.
Prepare your favourite yarn and recommended hooks. 
Round 1:
Ch 8. Starting from the 2nd ch, sc across (7). Repeat this 2 more times to get 3 leaves.

Round 2:
Join all three by sc in the 1st st of the 1st leaf. Next, hdc, dc3, hdc, sc, ch 1 (at the top of the leaf) and repeat the above pattern (sc, hdc,dc3, hdc, sc) for the other side and for all 3 leaves.

Round 3: edging
ch2, sc in all stitches around all 3 leaves.
Tip: If you want the leaves to be more maple-y instead of those 2 chains, make a 3-ch picot.
The chart does not include the stem, but I added it. To make it, do not cut yarn when you make the final leaf. Instead ch 12 (10/8) and sc back. For the orange and brown leaves instead of sc the stem I used the hdc.
And the leaf is done!
Now, experienced chart readers will find out small changes I made, but I tried the chart version and then did it on my own.  Mine looks better, I believe.

 Enjoy the tutorial and make yourself some leafy decorations!


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So pretty. I think I need to find a class. I've watched youtube and looked for a book, but I had no clue.
xoxo Su

Maya Kuzman said...

I am glad you like them. I would have loved to teach you had I been nearer. But you can always make felt leaves. Felt is perfect for flowers and leaves.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hello Maya,
Wow you have created such pretty crocheted fall leaves! I can't wait to try and make them!
Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
Julie xo

Maya Kuzman said...

I would be delighted if you do Julie! Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

This is SUPER cute! :)

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

handmade by amalia said...

Pretty! And the perfect colors!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Jessica!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thanks! :)

ileana-carmen said...

This is so nice. Beautiful colors.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Ileana!

Anonymous said...

These are cute!

Sinea said...

Love these leaves! Pinned it to two of my boards. Next week will you come by my party and share this? Party starts at 7pm ET on Tuesday eves though it is called Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!
Sinea from Ducks n a Row

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Paula!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Sinea! I appreciate it! And I will certainly visit your party!