Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Accessories Lilit - Textile Jewelry Art to Wear

The moment I laid my eyes on the gorgeous textile jewelry of the Accessories Lillit shop - I was swept off my feet. Literally. I immediately fell in love with the necklaces that stole my heart. They are all little masterpieces!

I wanted to get to know the designer behind this so I contacted Ljiljana and she eagerly accepted my offer for a small presentation here on my blog.

1. Welcome to the blog Ljiljana and please introduce yourself to my readers. Who is Ljiljana personally and professionally?

I could tell a lot about myself, but I am afraid that a detailed oriented Virgo would go too far, so I'll let my Libra sub sign take the control over.
My name is Ljiljana and I come from Nis in Serbia. I finished Textile Design at an Art School. I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by colors and unlimited freedom to perceive things in my own way. So from all of that I created a parallel world I can relax, fantasize and enjoy what I do. I do not do it professionally, but it is my hobby I dedicate a lot of my time.  And of course - a good book is inevitable. Another great way to relax.

2. How long have you been making jewelry and what do you like making the most?

Since childhood I had the need to express my creativity in various ways. I tried lots of things and started making jewelry and knit scarves and these are the things that I am focused quite a lot lately.

3. Can you describe your design process? How do you start a project?

When I start working I have no idea how it will look in the end. I have a starting idea I upgrade on the way trying several combinations until I find the one that looks like the right one at the moment. Or to put it simply  - I work on a piece until I am satisfied by its appearance.

4.  How long do you work on an item? What is most time-consuming?

Everything I do requires lots of patience and love; everything is handmade and has lots of details. I love interesting combinations with contrasting colors and different materials. I pay attention on every minuscule detail and I try to make that pleasant to wear, precisely and impeccably made ... so when a customer chooses one of my products my deepest wish is that  he/she is satisfied with the chosen item.

 5.  What materials do you use?

I make my necklaces combining different materials and techniques. I use fabric buttons, crocheted accents from cotton or viscose thread, satin roses, laces and other types of fabric, beads, and other details from various materials I make myself.

6. What is your favourite work spot?

On the sofa in the living room I have a tiny space where I surround myself with everything and anything I might need and then I delve into the innumerous possibilities. A little constructive mess! My family usually has understanding for this which means a lot to me!

 7. Future plans?

At the moment I am trying to teach myself to live in the present, without making any grand plans, without too much worries and expectations. What's important is that my family and friends are healthy and happy. In my free time I will do what I love the most employing my best efforts and hope that the future will surprise me pleasantly.

Isn't she amazing? I do hope you visit her shop and follow her on Facebook


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Wow. I love the necklaces, but I also really love the scarves and the amazing bracelets.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Su! I am still mesmerized by them all!

wimcee said...

Such amazing work!

Anonymous said...

such talent! love to see her creations!