Friday, August 19, 2016

DIY Lace and Tulle Rosettes Tutorial


Happy Friday all!

Well, I have a super easy weekend project for you if you were planning on being crafty. What I want to show you is two featherly easy techniques to make lace and tulle rosettes.

Let's start with the Lace Technique

1. You need a strip of elastic lace. The width and length determine the size. For my rosette I used 7.1" / 18 cm long and 1.2" / 3 cm wide lace strip.

2. Fold it in half.

3. Fold the end to mark the center. *(Instead of folding you can tie a knot here).

4. Start turning the strip around that center you folded.

5. Hold the center so that it doesn't bulge up while turning.

6. When done, pin it in several places.

7/8  Tuck the end underneath and shape it with fingers to get the right look.

Tulle Technique

1 / 2. Cut  a strip of elastic tulle. The for my rosette I used 3.9" / 10 cm long and 1.2" / 3 cm wide lace strip. Note that the longer the tulle strip, the bigger the rosette. Put it on your index finger and start winding it around. Do not go up and down the finger - do the winding in one spot.

3. Next, carefully slip it off your finger.

4 / 5. Hold it tight and pin it.

After you pinned the rosettes, thread a sewing needle and sew through all the layers minding not to disturb the shape of it.
As you can see from the pictures, I used these cute rosettes to make rings. As a matter of fact, these can be used for all kind of accessories or refreshening old clothes, etc.
I hope you enjoyed my techniques!



Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

You make it looks so easy; I'm a little klutzy so I don't know if my end result would be as pretty as yours. Very cute!

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh, Carol you are so kind. I am sure the end result wouldn't be as you say it would be. Mine were not as pretty when I started, but it gets better with practice!

Kim said...

Such sweet and pretty rosettes, Maya. They would look lovely accessorising so many things.

Maya Kuzman said...

I used them in various ways for my upcoming collection, snd seems I cannot get enough of them.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love these and they are so easy! I can imagine all different things that you can use these for!

Maya Kuzman said...

Yes you can Vickie :) said...

Maya, these are so adorable and so so pretty! What a great idea, love the colours too! You'll be my feature at this weeks Sweet Inspiration Party on Friday!!

Maya Kuzman said...

How wondeful Katrin! I am not going to miss the party! Thank you so much!

Eclectic Red Barn said...

Your flowers are so lovely and you make it look so easy. Pinning so I can try them.
Thanks for sharing at Happiness Is Homemade,

Katie said...

OMG your designs are so beautiful and delicate!!!! You have such a talent :). Congrats on your feature this week at #HappinessIHomemade, I'll be sharing it on my social media this week :)

Maya Kuzman said...

I am flattered Katie! Thank you so much for the lovely feature!

Dee | said...

Oh, how delicate!! Thanks so much for linking up with me at A Themed Linkup 55 for Handcrafted Jewelry. Pinned!