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Most Popular Beaches in Zakynthos


One of the highlights of Zakynthos Island with a magnetic influence for tourists from all over the world are its white beaches and insanely clear, blue waters.


Definitely the most popular and photographed beach in Zakynthos. No one can be indifferent at seeing it for the first time. The only way to reach it is from the sea, so prior to our boat visit we drove up to the top of the cliff and made some insanely and breathtaking photos. The view is truly spectacular. There is a ship on the beach that had an unfortunate accident about 20+ years ago near the bay and it washed on the beach  hence that beach is also known as the Shipwreck. It's kind of the beach's trademark. The beach is sandy outside while at the sea front there are white pebbles and stones and it doesn't gradually become deep. It kind of gains in depth as soon as you enter.



Xigia is a natural health resort beach in the northeast of the island. It is located in a very beautiful little bay and widely popular among tourists. A very cold water springs out from a rock directly into the sea which contains collagen and the collagen gives that whiteness to the sea. The whole place smells of  sulphur but it is bearable.
The beach is sandy with a single row of sunbeds and due to its popularity it gets crowded a lot, so we recommend you get there early if you want to secure a spot.

The first picture of the Xigia paragraph is of a beach that actually  comes before this little spa beach - afterwards on the cruise we had around the island, we learnt it belongs to the Xigia part. That one is way larger and more beautiful than the spa beach. You cannot detect any smell and it is quite pleasant to swim here because of the warm currents.


While driving to Porto Limnionas we saw this amazing little bay and decided to visit it, although it wasn't on our agenda for the day. When we came there was literally no one there so we had the beach to ourselves. The water was extremely cold so we didn't take a swim.
This is actually the closest bay to Navagio and renting a boat was much cheaper from here than elsewhere. There are no sunbeds nor cafes just a kiosk with limited offer so if you want to spend the day here, come prepared.   
A nearby village called the Village of Maries is said to be named after the two Marys; Mary Magdalene and Mary of Clopas. According to the legend, their ship anchored at Porto Vromi and Mary Magdalene came ashore to spread the Christ's gospel.  




Another amazing place worth visiting. Although it is called a beach it is in fact a narrow, rocky bay.

To get to this little bay, hunched in between the high cliffs, you must walk down the natural rocky stairs. Once down, you can settle on one of the flat rocks near the water, because there are no sandy beaches in this bay.
However the restaurant at the top has an area transformed into a wonderful lounge spot, with lots of shaded sunbeds you can rent.
The water in Porto Limnionas is very cold but it is ideal for cooling down, because of the unique combination of underwater streams and springs. Here you can enjoy diving and exploring the caves.



Cameo Beach is located just off the coast of Laganas. This tiny island is accessed by a footbridge. It got its name from the local owner that runs his nightclub there for many years. In the daytime it is a tranquil area to enjoy your swim and a drink away from all the hustle of Laganas, while at night it is a great party place.



Taking a boat trip to Marathonisi is a must. The turtle shaped island lies in the middle of the Bay of Laganas. It is about 5-10 minutes away from the shore of Laganas. The beach on the island is protected due to it being one of the major nesting grounds of the Caretta Turtles and it is heavily protected  by the National Marine park of Zakynthos. As a result there are no sunbeds or umbrellas here and the National Marine Park makes sure the beach is empty by sunset when the turtles return there  to lay their eggs.
There are no snack bars, cafes, or restaurants on Marathonisi Island, but there are little picnic boats that offer refreshments and food.

 I recommend you rent a speed boat because the other side of the island is spectacular - there are open caves  you can swim into. I cannot describe the feeling - it's something you'd love to experience. Aside from renting a speed boat, you can go on a boat tour - there are glass bottom boats that cruise the island and take tourists on turtle spotting.


Because it is another major nesting beach, Gerakas is closed from 7 in the evening to 7 in the morning when the little hatchlings take their trip to the sea.
It is a lovely sandy strip that ends in a rather curious cliff that looks like somebody has taken a bite of it - that is how Eva referred to it. So, the unusual landscape, the shallow and wonderfully warm water makes this place highly desirable.
On the shore there is a Turtle Information / Protection / Rescue Center but it was undergoing some renovation when we were there. Their souvenir shop is well stocked and unique in their offer.




Our villa was in the quieter neighbourhood of Tsilivi which is a lively, colorful and busy summer resort.

The Tisilivi main beach is nicely strewn with lots of sunbeds and umbrellas, with lovely restaurants and bars around. The sandy beach and the shallow waters are perfect for families with children. It is continuously rewarded with the Blue Flag Award which is given to beaches that meet strict criteria for cleanliness. There are also many water sports you can try like windsurfing, water skiing, pedaloes, jet skiing, paragliding and much more!

Smaller beaches in Tsilivi to suit different tastes  are Amboula, Tragaki, Akrotiri and Varres Beach.

Banana Beach is about 14km away from Zante in a village called Vasillikos and it is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is famous for its warm exotic waters, golden sand and breath taking landscape. Above the beach there is a restaurant offering a big menu with delicious food one simply must try.
I hope you enjoyed the post. This was one of our most memorable holidays we will treasure forever!


Divya N said...

Wow, so many beaches and yet they look so beautiful and so different from one another. I believe I can spot the Navagio beach in some Indian movie songs. they are all Fabulous and I hope you had a wonderful time there

Maya Kuzman said...

Indeed they are and if one decides to tour the island and make an adventure out of his holiday, this it the perfect place. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there, and hubs and I even talked about how lovely would it be to retire there when the times come :)

Kim said...

I have loved strolling through your holiday photos. What glorious photos of glorious places. I cannot believe the blue of the water. What a heavenly holiday your family experienced.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Kim. It is always a pleasure having you here. Yes. It was heavenly. It's been almost two weeks since we got back yet impressions are still strong :)

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Everything is so pretty! :)

Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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Hi Maya, you're killing me over here! The beaches and your photos are breathtaking. I must plan a trip to Greece! Thank you so much for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays

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wow! amazing.

Maya Kuzman said...

Hahah... I am so glad you like the pictures Carla. Looking at these pictures in the winter will definitely give us the strength to pass the bleak months.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you b.!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Jessica!