Monday, January 30, 2017

Avant Garde Jewelry & Accessories

Hello all! Today I have an interesting designer over for a chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Nadica Biceva is the founder of the creative jewelry & accessories brand "Kreacija". Playing with different textures and types of textiles she creates the basis that is the nesting point for all her creativity, inspiration and imagination that satisfies the criteria for higher aesthetics, uniqueness and extraordinarity found in her textile jewelry that includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches, then there are hats, fascinators, plastrons, bow ties, bags, capes, etc.

Why the name Kreacija (Creation)?
The name by definition is what reflects my work,my process of creating something exciting, something new. The logo resembles a round stamp with the symbol "N" of the Glagolitic script  (the oldest know Slavic alphabet) inside that signifies my intention to leave a stamp, a mark with my designs, while the symbol stands for the first initial of my name.  


Your most popular jewelry is the tube necklaces. What do you incorporate, mix and match when you create one such piece? What is the style you are most drawn to?
I use different colors, shapes and textures to make them, then add semi-precious stones, metal findings and pendants that I make out of polymer clay ad crystal epoxy resin employing different techniques in their creation. The offer of new solutions and pieces is enriched daily as a result of the never ending possibilities for creating and execution of new designs that follow the trend but not the pulse of commercialization.  


You make scarves, ties and other accessories that you use as canvas to draw and paint your ideas on. What materials are your favourites and what is subject of inspiration when painting?
Besides jewelry, I also make accessories using different types of textiles depending on the season they are made for. I am highly attracted to a mix of contrasts like for example silk and leather or wool and georgette. I adore denim because it offers numerous possibilities for experimenting, designing, painting and printing / stamping.

Is there a favourite place to work?
Of course. That would be my studio. At the time when I designed the interior and the work place, I was lead by the idea to make an inspirational, creative corner where I could create and enjoy my work at the same time. I wanted the place to radiate and enchant my customers with its creativity and functionality and I am proud I succeed in that, because when the artist  manages to transfer his imaginative place in reality, he then has the world that inspires him in his hands.

Is there a technique or some other skills you'd like to try?
I am constantly attracted to new ideas so  if I get hit by an idea that would stick with me - maybe then I will have a concise answer to this .... haha....

A new collection soon?
My new collection with the working title "Metallic Mix" is in the beginning phase. It will offer jewelry sets composed of a necklace, bracelet and a brooch. The collection will have its own fashion editorial and a catalogue.

I already showed  Nadica's phenomenal studio here, if you missed it, and you can see all her jewelry & accessories in her shop here.



admirartem said...

Hi Maya, I love your "talented designers" posts. Nadica has a special bold style I definitely like. I think her pieces are really fashionable. At the end of your post, I was  curious to see her studio and luckily I found your link: what a so ispiring place!

Maya Kuzman said...

I am so glad you do Lilah :)
Her work is incredible and the mix & match of textiles and fabric incredible.

Unknown said...

This is very pretty! :)

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A Crafty Mix said...

Wow, these pieces are all so gorgeous and unique Maya. Those ties, OMW!!! Nadica is extremely talented and will definitely leave a mark. So different