Monday, January 9, 2017

Inspiration Monday: Anna Gordon - A Contemporary Jeweler


I was first attracted by Anna's Gordon one of a kind Origami brooches and fascinated by the design and play of different materials. She has been a jeweler since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1994 and her jewelry is predominantly made of precious materials including oxidized silver, 18 k gold and platinum.
Where she finds inspiration for her work?
"I am constantly influenced by my surroundings.  Sometimes it is considered, and other times these influences only become recognizable on completion of a piece.  These include nature or architectural detail, as well as everyday objects found around my home and workshop.  Each idea is sketched, and although I use a lot of geometric shapes in my work, I make each piece by hand in order to retain the spontaneity of the drawings."
Read more about her work and inspiration here.
See more of her contemporary pieces here.



admirartem said...

Hi Maya, I had a look at her gallery. I think her design style is quite interesting. I especially like the flower brooches and the enameling technique she uses. She found a special way to turn nature elements into original jewellery pieces. Thanks for sharing. I'm a handmade jewellery lover and I like discovering something new.

Maya Kuzman said...

I must agree her brooches are spectacular. So glad you like this Lilah! Thank you for dropping by!

Divya N said...

I love Anna's simplistic and minimal work. the pieces are beautiful, wearable and yet quirky