Monday, September 11, 2017

Instagram love: Embroidery Artist marnalunt

An inspiring, eye-candy IG account that takes embroidery to an otherworldly level is the one of the embroidery artist marnalunt.
Who is marnalunt? She is hand and embroidery artist, a snow globe collector, hoarder, tea drinker, colour lover, art history geek, mum to Arthur & Phoebe, blogger, wife, murder mystery reader, carer, bird watcher and dyslexic.
Marna is an award winning artist and has exhibited across the country, sold work across the world, worked closely with the BBC, Liberty of London, Mollie Makes magazine to name a few and continues to teach at sold out venues throughout Britain. Originally trained at the Manchester School of Art in Fine Art, she still considers herself a painter but has moved mediums from oils to threads.
"My main objective when working is to experiment with surface texture and colour, whether it be portrait or landscape. I work with thread exactly how I would paint with oil paint, building layers and injecting tiny spots of colour to create an image from the simple to the complex, with hidden details to draw you into the finished subject.
I like to use appliqué and beautiful fabric finds often to create interesting depth but am now tending to use more embroidery only in much of my pieces, which normally creates a more painterly appearance. Because my work has a lengthy process and involves a contemporary embroidery practice, each piece is a labour of love and you become very committed and attached to each piece, only letting go when you know you have given every inch of yourself to finished artwork."

For more inspiration follow Marna on instagram & her blog


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Her work is truly amazing!

Kim said...

So much beautiful inspiration to be gained from this amazing artist. Just stunning!