Monday, December 11, 2017

I've Got the Blues - Insta Feel


When on Instagram, I always go to the posts I've liked to seek for inspiration and feast my eyes on all the treasures my gallery holds. Scrolling merrily away these blues caught my eyes. Not flocked like this of course, but scattered throughout my gallery. I thought it would be fun to gather them all together and make an inspiration board.
Blue in an almost winter setting always makes me think of snow. We still haven't had any. Not in the city that is. The mountains have got their share of it. But here, huddled in the valley, we are eagerly waiting for it, searching the skies for the tiny white flakes, hoping they'll visit us soon.

(1) queen_babs (2) crochetconcupiscence (3) sibvintage 
(4) wildhoneypiedesign(5) the_art_of_dress(6) rairai_ws
(7) frompiper (8) jocelynlilangrand (9) alley_real

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Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

This board has a sophisticated touch, very classy and nobel.