Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rustic Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

In line with our Rustic Christmas Decorating we chose some fresh ideas how to use gifts of nature to wrap your gifts for Christmas.

The winter red berry bush  or mistletoe is an effective detail to add as a décor that will make gifts pop, especially if used on brown or white paper and tied with twine.  


Pinecones are the natural first choice and they have literally flooded the internet. Personally, I never grow tired of them and always mind to have a fresh supply, so our trips in the woods always end up with heavy loads of pinecones.

Here are some fabulous ideas how to use them:

Recycled paper with some greenery and "woodsy & leafy" things always catch attention and subtly point out conscious consumption and respect of nature.

All relevant links of images can be found on my board here


Anonymous said...

These gifts are too pretty to open!
The wrapping and decoration are almost an extra gift :-)

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Very inspiring! Wrapped this way the simplest presents turn into something really exceptional and precious!

Kim said...

I adore wrapping presents and making them sing, as I have always considered the wrapping and embellishing on the outside is as important as what is inside. Some beautiful ideas here, Maya.