Sunday, December 31, 2017

What I Have Pinned Lately #8

To end the year, here's my last post of the what I have pinned lately series, something that I am excited to continue in the new year too. When planning this post, I actually had an idea of sharing my wish list for 2018 of things that I would really like to try my hand at.
One of those would be to try work on some crochet clothing items - something extraordinary and crazy like the tunic/dress (?) above. Sweet heavens, I died when I saw those sleeves!!
Next, and this I have already started with baby steps and that is design and crochet (perhaps also sew) baby and kids clothes.
Soak my hands in more DIY projects, experiment with some new fonts and make our lunch menus more exciting :)


How about you? Any exciting things you'd like to try in the new year?


handmade by amalia said...

A wonderful selection. I think my aim for 2018 is to do the same things only a little better :-)

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Oooh!! Yezzz!! Those sleeves are amazing!!! Would be fun putting those onto one of the garments I've planned for 2018...
See you next year!

Anonymous said...

I've had a blouse with the same kind of sleeves when I was a teenager! It was dark purple and not everybody liked it, but I did!
I felt like I was a kind of brave princess of the medieval times :-)
Seems to me that you have fun plans for 2018!
I'm sure it will be a success!
I'm not having any wild plans for the new year, except for exploring my own crochet style even more. Just doing my own kind of thing :-)