Monday, August 5, 2019

Summer Trend: Crochet Motif Bikini


What is immensely popular  in the swimming suit department this summer? 

Well, that would be the crochet motif bikini. There are quite a lot of crochet designers that have taken the crochet motif to a very different and distinctive level and expanded the crochet motif usage, which in my opinion is completely captivating and beautiful. 


There are a couple of crocheters I follow on instagram that make the most beautiful crochet bikini and they are a great inspiration for this crochet obsessed girl. Enjoy the handpicked selection!




Pav said...

Hello! These are beautiful projects! I was wondering if you're interested in selling patterns? If so can I please get a link? Thank you!


Maya Kuzman said...

Hi there Pavlina. These projects are not mine, but if you click on the VIA word below the images, the links will take you to their original sources.