Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn is here!

Well, autumn is officially here! Needless to say that I have started my autumnal sewing and knitting and I have even finished a ruffled scarf and some warmers which are yet to be photographed.
Searching for inspiration I went to my mom's house which is an enormous treasure chest hiding all sorts of beautiful (vintage) things. I consider it my playground. So, while visiting my mom the other day I hunted the house and found this gorgeous vintage fabric! The fabric is actually a curtain which my grandma used to hang on the balcony door. I am so thrilled to have it but I'll leave it aside and make a clear picture of what kind of a project I am going to use it for.

The lovely vintage tablecloth shown below has been in my possession for many years now, presented to me by my aunt, which I decided to put to a good use.
Since it wasn't destined to adorn my table I decided to make a shirt out of it! I am finishing the shirt right now and will post pictures later. It looks great!

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