Friday, September 4, 2009

Dots and stripes

I found this beautiful cotton fabric with big and small dots and decided to make a dress out of it. I wanted to make a puffy dress by using several layered fabrics but somehow I could not find the right colour of tulle for the underskirt. The colour of the fabric is an interesting hue that cannot be defined as simple blue-ish, so I changed the design and just lined it with taffeta silk. I made ruffled straps, I ruffled the lining and made a border ruffle.

Although I am a bit sad that the end of the summer is nearing I must say that I find this period thrilling because of the wonderful discounts in the shops. On one of our walks around town we saw this tunic in a big girls' shop and Eva immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately the decollete was too low-cut and too big for her. We conferred and decided to buy it (the price was unbelievably low) after I agreed to redo it with a piece of elastic. Here it is before the insertion of the elastic:

And here it is after. I think she has got herself a nice dress. One she can wear to her heart's content!

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