Monday, September 14, 2009

A shrug that was supposed to be harem pants....

Well, seamstresses' adventures are always so full of surprises and unexpected turns (at least for this seamstress) one would be left gaping in amazement. The title explains it all. I bought this fabric that appeared to be double faced (I still believe it is) shiny at the front and soft cotton -like on the inside. I am making a dress out of it, but since I bought a lot of the fabric I thought I might make Eva harem pants - a pair she has begged me the whole summer to make.

This is the part it all gets curious. I don't know how on earth I thought the pants are going to be flowy and hanging in the center part. I guess the inner side of the fabric had induced me to think in that direction. However I gathered them and even thought of sewing the belt on, but fortunately I saved myself the trouble and made Eva try them on like that (as shown here).

The sight was too frightening for me to take the pictures (lol). She looked like having an enormous diaper! So, we dropped the idea of making harem pants and I tried it on as it was sewn, and what do you know! I got myself a cute shrug.

Now I have an unplanned shrug for the dress! How nice!


Aie Amy said...

how gifted you are.. being so creative..

Little Treasures said...

Thank you dear! I try... :)