Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dandelion dress

I present the Dandelion dress!

For this one I didn't use any particular pattern except for the sleeves which were the same as on the Snowdrop blouse - however, as you know from my previous posts they tore at the seams so besides my effort to save them they kept tearing away, so I decided to remove them Obviously, I left too little seam allowance at the center piece gathering the sleeves and the velvet just couldn't resist the stress. However, I like it this way better.

The making of the round lacey parts was a pain in the neck. I had to re-do them a couple of times because although I am a person who learns from her mistakes and past experience, I had it stuck in my head that sewing lace on velvet is going to be a smooth job!It wasn't! Just take my word for it! The whole appearance of the lacey parts reminded me of dandelions - hence the name!

I enclosed a silk ribbon around the lace and left the ends a bit longer so little bows could be tied. I wonder what it would have look like if I used a sturdier lace -just like one I used for the tunic. Hm!
There were supposed to be three 'dandelions' but I couldn't incorporate the third one, however hard I tried!

So I got meself another spring dress!


Papgena Made It said...

I like the dress, the color and the fabric. I think that fits you perfectly. But I will be honest, I am not sure if I like the lace...

Maya Kuzman said...

Wait til you see the next project I am going to make with that lace!