Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today is a non-working day in my country. Several years back Good Friday was declared a national holiday. On this day I remember going to church with my mother to pass under the ceremonial altar for good health which was covered and decorated with flowers.

I remember how excited I was with my sister about this event especially the pass-through! And we always brought flowers with us. I always picked the lilac! I just adore its fragrance and I have associated it with Easter since childhood!

Today we all went to church to light a candle and pass under the table. It was magnificent! And Eva was thrilled about it! I hope she will treasure this memory to pass on to her children.

And today as a gift for Easter, I won Momfetti's gorgeous egg cozies giveaway! With this great day, this great winning and this being my 100 post I am sincerely and truly happy.

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