Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tablecloth Tunic - repurposing a tablecloth

Here it is! You are looking at my tablecloth tunic.

When I saw the pattern of this dress in the March Burda magazine (see previous post for reference) I knew I had to make it. I went through my stash of tablecloths and found this gorgeous piece. I have never used it as a tablecloth and to be honest when I saw its beautiful pattern I decided to repurpose it.

It didn't have the appropriate length so it turned out to be a tunic (I swear I can never wear it this short - even if I were 20 years younger - or maybe I would have then :)
The only flaw is that it is sturdy so it actually hangs like a sack. I am thinking of letting it soak into a fabric softener so it might ease a bit, although I highly doubt it.

Nevertheless it's gorgeous and I love it. I put a light jersey dress underneath and I am thinking of making one in white or dust white to wear underneath but I'll make it just above the knees.
And I am sure that with more elastic fabrics this could be a wonderful dress. Just what I have been after lately.


Papgena Made It said...

never would thought in it!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you!

RheLynn said...

I really like the second picture! A little more drape might help it, yes - and make it feel nicer to wear, too - I would make a bet!

Divya N said...

Never would I in a 100 years dream of wearing a doily tunic, but it does look good on you