Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ramblings of an Unadultered Crafter (*)

My household is a one of a kind kingdom where crafty things burst out of every corner and then revolve around the house creating wondrous sights and sometimes make me feel like Alice in Wonderland. And..oh boy... ! Do I know how to make a mess! I am mastering the discipline - take my word for it!

In order to support my claims here's the evidence for it, so witness it yourselves.

Warning: the following images may be deeply disturbing so people with weak hearts are strongly advised to refrain from further viewing.

In my shop. I made a bracelet with this rose and today it received a sister for another project.

On one side of my table - this collar (shrug) I discovered had one last row before I made the lace edging so had to unravel it...(cursing inside myself).

On the other side of the table -three new flowers {figuring out the design..}

On my chair - newly bought yarn waiting to be rolled into a nice ball.

On my walls - a ruffly scarf for a (photo) tutorial I am preparing.

In the finished pile, the wrap (the tedious one mentioned a couple of posts ago) waiting for the return of the model so that pictures can be taken.

On the coffee table - Pine (cones) rosettes I collected recently, waiting to be spray painted

and this lovely book which is a craft of another kind. I carry it with me around the house because it successfully drags me out of my creative ruts and throws me into fits of laughter. This is my first encounter with Cecilia Ahern (followed the librarian's advice to take it) and I didn't go wrong. She's hilarious!

So let these be a kind of announcement of what is going to follow in the course of January. Stay tuned.

(*) the alternative title may also stands as "Revolving around my household".


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Your post made me giggle! I wish I was as productive as you. Absolutely beautiful rosettes and everything else. You have been inspired and busy! and thank you for the recommendations - I really enjoyed PS, I loved you.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You are super busy!! And there are those roses again!! They are so beautiful and unique and lacy perfection. And the tedious shawl is going to be worth waiting for, I know it.

If this is a preview of what's to come, well, how can we WAIT!!

ByNightCreations said...

I am just the same. there is stuff everywhere: bedroom, dining table, living room, even in the kitchen and bathroom where the light is better for photos ;-)
ANyway, I can't wait to see more of these all ;-)

Cucicucicoo said...

when you said to expect a mess, i expected a mess of confusion, stuff piled up all over the place (like there is in my apartment!) i wish i could exchange my horror-inducing mess for your fabulous creative mess of gorgeous projects!! love to see what you're working on! the new yarn looks gorgeous and the pinecone flowers are so sweet! :)lisa

Papgena Made It said...

well if those are your mess, I cnnot show you my mess! :D because mine is really a mess! And I'm very slow in ending thins, you are much more productive!
I'm very curious to see all the finnish items!

Unknown said...

Boy you have been working allright! Lovely new creations, those pine cones really look like flowers, they're gorgeous!

Vanessa said...

HI, Maya

What lovely thinks. I love the bracelet rose you made. Just lovely! I posted on my blog today introducing you to everyone for Monday. Thank you again and have a lovely weekend.