Thursday, June 5, 2014

✿ Flower Motif Crochet Earrings ✿ - Free pattern


Hi guys! Today I have a very easy tutorial for a free crochet earrings using a simple flower motif. 

For this project you will need:

- sport yarn and adequate hook
- jump rings and hook ear wires

Chain 6. Join to make ring.

Round 1: sc 12 in ring. As you crochet, push the yarn back on the ring to make room for those 12 stitches.


Round 2: "chain 3, make a dc in the next st, chain 3 and sl st in the same stitch.


Make a sc in the next stitch. 


Chain 15 and sc in the next stitch".


Repeat pattern from "to". 


When you come to the end (there should be 6 big petals) end the round by making a sl st. 

Those petals can be unruly and twirl. If you like them like that, leave them as are. 

I wanted mine to be neat and ordered so I steam pressed them to get them into shape.  Please cover the motifs with a cotton napkin when pressing so that they are not ruined. 


You can use only one flower for an earring. I wanted to make some statement earrings so I made a dangling pair. 
To do this, add jump rings  to join two (you can by all means sew/crochet them together)...


 ... and a hook ear wire.

Your earrings are done! If you make them in the above colors you can also make a special 4th of July garland!

Download the tutorial here.


homemade@myplace said...

Thank you Maya!!!
Happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

Unknown said...

How very pretty they look Maya, splendid idea!
Ira’s Crea Corner

vikawish said...

Beautiful flowers! For me it's so difficult because i can't crocket...