Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our prolonged weekend - exploring the vicinity of Ohrid


 Having a prolonged weekend due to the celebration of the Pentecost, which in my country is a public holiday, we, along with friends, headed to Ohrid for a little relaxation. We used the days to explore the neighbouring villages along the coast of the Ohrid Lake. 

On our way to the Monastery of St.Naum we stopped at the village of Trpejca. We had luck to be there early in the morning so we were the only people in the cafe - which was precious - to have your coffee on the beach with a wonderful view of the lake. 


Trpejca is traditionally a fishing village, and in the past 15 years it has grown into a famous vacation spot. Trpejca is home to around 303 inhabitants and has just one school, two shops, and a church recently built on the exact location of an older one. It is known as the Macedonian Saint-Tropes among locals.


Whenever we are in Ohrid and we have the time, we go to visit the Monastery of St.Naum. It is 29 km south of the city of Ohrid.  The description of the whole complex encompassing the monastery needs more than a post, so here I am sharing just a glimpse of it

There is a large park surrounding the monastery, with beautiful fountains and peacocks wandering around (and above).





 The place was swarming with tourists so I had to wait for an appropriate moment to take pictures of the entrance.

 St.Naum was the founder of the Church of the Holy Archangels (Michael and Gabriel) in 900 (or 905) A.D. The architecture is quite characteristic and follows the shape of a  clover with rare and beautifully painted frescoes inside. 
Besides the literary work he did, among the people St.Naum was known as a healer and  during his lifetime he healed many people, especially the mentally ill. He is also known as a miracle worker because it was said that he performed a lot of miracles, some of which are presented on the frescoes of the monastery.

This cult place hides numerous secrets and interesting, extraordinary stories that are told from generation to generation. The whole place is considered to be holy and it is believed that St.Naum still guards the place.   

There is a chapel at a separate part of the church where he is buried and if you place your ear on the stone grave you can hear his heart beating.



{I love the medieval look of the door}



Divya N said...

Oh - the place is super lovely - I would love to visit your country some day

CLB said...

Gorgeous, I love old churches and small, lovely villages.
Beauty really is everywhere.

Linda said...

Thanks Maya for a walk around Ohrid with you today, you have taken some lovely photo's to share with us all. Coffee on the beach followed by wonderful architecture and beautiful scenery, awesome xx

homemade@myplace said...

such a wonderful place!!!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Unknown said...

Really love your beautiful country Maya, your gorgeous shots sure makes me want to go back there again! Thanks for taking us on this fine trip!
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