Saturday, January 24, 2015

Alexandra Ivanova: Dream World

Today I would like to introduce an amazing jewelry designer that creates under the name Sofija Filigranska and the creative force behind it is Alexandra Ivanova, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person.
When I got to know her better it was as finding my own twin in the creative world. So without further ado, here's Alexandra:

Who is Alexandra Ivanova? Tell us more about yourself.

I have been living the magic of creating new worlds with my hands for more than ten years... Abracadabra!... and there you can see the tangible joy emerging from the heart. I am enchanted by the magic myself. It surfaces before me from loads of materials and techniques.
In the beginning I started making cards that told stories of people. Those were the starting point of a whole collection of jewelry composed of clay people drawn and painted by hand. After that I studied an old silver working technique.. filigree... That was a whole new world. After that I experimented with natural stones, textiles, polymer clay and everything I could find available for work.

What is your latest collection and what influenced you to make it?
My latest collection are the dream necklaces. The motifs that appear throughout are the cities that are someone's dream, for example Paris or New York, or minutia of cities I have captured and that do not belong to a specific city, like for example my necklace showing the city with a sky in its heart.  I cannot pinpoint a certain thing that influenced me do it; it just happened - it was the moment for those images to become real through the necklaces and they made so many people happy.

Where do you look for and find inspiration?
I get inspired, if I can put it this way, when the power of visualization  materializes and becomes palpable. I thoroughly enjoy when ideas spring out of my hands, in fact I live for that moment and I believe that people recognize my joy and we share it together.  

What are the motifs that often appear in your creations?
The most applied motifs are the cities in my latest collection but they result as a portrait of a certain emotion, not just structure ... those are cities with souls.

Materials to work with. What are you favourites?
I don't have a favourite material but I've come to notice that lately I love materials that give me the possibility to drew on them  and to use colors. Everything that represents foundation for drawing is alluring to me.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I am working on a collection of bow ties. The motifs of cities drawn on wooden foundation. I am completely enchanted by the moment of creation.  

Is there a technique or a style that you'd like to try and experience in the future?
Porcelain is my dream and I feel it is rushing towards me.

What are your plans for the future?
My mission all these years have been not to have free time... I want to be free all the time. And you see.. it has become reality. I enjoy my life and share the joy from it.


I hope you enjoyed the interview and the images of her work. If you are interested in her jewelry, Alexandra takes commissions and you can make your order here.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Her work is incredibly beautiful and fun. She looks like she is definitely a joy filled creative soul. Thanks for sharing her work and talent. Best wishes, Tammy

Divya N said...

Her work is very funky and inspiring. I am in the bib necklace zone myself right now but I find these so refreshing and new.

Unknown said...

Thanks for introducing another fine artist Maya, I can see why you are so fond of her work, she does make such happy, vibrant and colourful creations, truly wonderful!
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