Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pom - Pom Bouquet - how to


Hi guys! To continue my play with the pom-poms I made a bouquet. It is such an inexpensive and easy project and it also gives so much warmth and beauty as a décor.
This is in fact a short how-to  - not that there aren't any on the internet - but this is the way I did it. 

For the project I used fabric yarn, yarn pom-poms, plastic sticks (taken from artificial flowers - or you can use wooden sticks instead) and a liquid silicone glue. 

I applied glue on the stick and insert it deep into the pom-pom.

When you are done with the others, gather them all together, hold them tightly and at this point you may tie the sticks together before adding the fabric.

Gradually, as you work your way down, add glue on the sticks and roll the fabric around the stems.
Roll it down. Then add glue on the fabric and without cutting off the yarn, work your way up, adding another layer of fabric. Work all the way up to the base of the poms. Ant that is it!

A fab, eye-catching pom-pom bouquet!

We are quite satisfied with how it turned out and hope we can use it as a photo prop too.


Unknown said...

You are so creative Maya, I keep telling you ;-) I have made pompons before, but I have never turned them into flowers! Brilliant make and such a perfect match to your gorgeous table cloth!
Ira’s Crea Corner

homemade@myplace said...

pom poms : simply in love with them!!!!
really cute bouquet!
happy week Maya, xxxx Ale

Anonymous said...

fabulous Maya, thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday! I have to say, this isn't a color combination I would have thought of, and it is truly special!

Divya N said...

The bouquet looks very sweet and lovely- not to mention very unconventional

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Cute and I love that stitched work in the background. :)