Monday, January 11, 2016

Forest Elves by Daisy

I was completely smitten by this poncho that appeared in my mori feed. I looked at it mesmerized and still couldn't believe my eyes. I said to myself that this is something I could wear until it wears out to the thinnest thread. Sans the ears that is.

So I set in pursuit to find the creator of such gorgeousness and I found her. Her name is Daisy and she runs a fantastic, whimsical etsy shop filled with knit accessories. 


Her collection is called Forest Elves and she couldn't have named it more perfectly. All her creations have an ethereal, otherworldly and mystical quality and she captures and emphasizes that feel by creating  a fairy-tale like setting to showcase her creations.


I do hope you pay her a visit!


Pat S said...

Wow, I loved looking at this artist's Etsy shop. The photography is fantastic too. I had to pin a few to my face it board. Thanks, Pat S

Maya Kuzman said...

I am glad you like it Pat. I felt like leafing through a picture book when I went through her pictures :)

Alhana said...

I love her creations and photos! What a fantastic artist!

tesselleelle said...

Hai ragione cara, questa collezione è stupenda! piena di magia, originale ed unica, grazie per averla condivisa, ora corro a vedere il resto.

Un abbraccio,

Maya Kuzman said...

Sono contenta che ti piaccia Laura. Grazie! said...

Sadly I cannot find her on Etsy anymore. Anyone know where she sells her magical beautiful things ???