Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Sweets Ideas

Hello, hello....
I didn't mean to be absent this week, but life happened and sometimes it is easier to let it lead....
However, I am back here today to share some ideas for making a sweet and tasty Valentine.
I am sharing my Valentine chocolates here for which I used chocolate box trays - sometimes they come in lovely shapes (the darkest brown is shell shaped for example) and step up if you don't have or cannot find the wanted cookie molds. I melted our favourite milk chocolate and just filled these babies and let it cool.

I will have to make another batch of these because my son didn't realize I have had these made for a post and he and his friends generously helped themselves and ate more than half of these. It was quite a "horrific" sight for me... Luckily enough were left so that I can take this picture.
I sprinkled them with crushed peppermint.

Some other ideas it would be great to try:


Alhana said...

Maya, the Valentine Trifle link took me to the Sweet Cherry Bread recipe. Could you fix that? I wanted to try that one because we already have strawberries in the market due to the unusual warm weather. Looks yummy!

Maya Kuzman said...

I fixed it Alhana. I would love to know how you liked it - that is if you decide on making it.

myrica said...

Mmmmm Its so much Yammi
Have a nice weekend

Alhana said...

Thank you! It's very similar to a Spanish popular dessert but this one includes pieces of pound cake. I think I'll make it. :-)

handmade by amalia said...

What an amazing selection, I want to try everything. I think the Sweet Cherry Bread is my favorite.