Sunday, October 9, 2016

Norwegian Love - Oleana Knits


I came across Oleana Knits a couple of years ago quite by accident and the love at first sight was immediate and deep. Their sweaters and cardigans -  which are not the only items they produce, are made of natural fibers like wool, silk, alpaca and cashmere so wondrously weaved and designed to radiate a fairytale quality about them.

Oleana started in 1992 in the hope of creating new jobs in the textile industry in Norway. Most of Western Europe’s production has been moved to countries with far cheaper labour, but Oleana wanted to show that it is still possible to produce in a high-cost countries like Norway.


The designer behind the industry is Solveig Hisdal. She is regarded as one of the best textile designers in Norway, and her signature is clearly visible in the Oleana collection, through her colourful and well-developed sense of ornamentation and shape.

What they say about their employees:
"Oleana has a fantastic group of employees with extensive experience in the textile field. With their skillful  and clever hands, they start work every morning, and the advanced knitting machines don't stop until night has fallen. The employees' ages range from 20 - 85. They are hired on the basis of their expertise, the pleasure they take in their work, and their good humour."


"We place great emphasis on the professional and social environment and on an understanding of the proud tradition of which we are a part. Each year we close the factory for a few days and take a study trip, at home or abroad, to learn and to see more of what other textile people have been working with.
The production premises are open for visitors and are located in Ytre Arna near Bergen."

Isn't their philosophy stunning? To learn more about this brand and see their fall collection click here.

Would you love to have an Oleana piece in your closet? I certainly would!!!



myrica said...

The patterns and the clothes are so very beautiful, I like the Norwegian patterns, I have knitting a cardigan.But I have given the cardigan to second hand.
Have a nice day.

Little Treasures said...

Hi Myrica, it must have been gorgeous. I hope I would be able to have one of Oleana's in the near future!