Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DIY a Clay (Keychain) Pendant - Tutorial

Hi guys!
Get ready for some easy crafting.
Monika & Viktor from Pocket Gallery prepared a beautiful and easy tutorial showing you how to make a personalized keychain pendant. Let's go!
What you need:
a piece of soft clay
- a roller 
- acrylic paints (maker's choice)
- a mold (cutters)
- a pice of paper and pen for the note
- epoxy resin and a keychain  
2. Take the piece of clay and roll it into a ball. Then, using a roller, make it even. The size and width depends on your desire; it is best if it is about 5 -6 cm (2-2,4") in diameter and about (or less than) a cm / 0.4 " thick. 
3. Cut out the desired shape. 
4. Don't forget to make a small opening at the upper side for the keychain mechanism.
5. Please read baking instructions on your fimo clay. I use fimo soft and bake it for 10 minutes at 110°C. Baked clay shoudl always be a little soft immeditely after taking it out of the oven and it shoud retain its color. 
6. After the clay cools off, color it with desired colors; use acrylic colors because other colors cannot be applied to this type of clay. 
7. Write a short text / a note on a thin piece of white paper. Use small print and mind not to exceed the borders of the pendant. 
8. Add just a tiny drop of glue to glue the pieces onto the pendant. 
9. Using a wooden or other stick pour the epoxy resin over the pendant. Be careful not to pour too much because resin is highly liquid. 
10. Let it dry. Drying period is different depending on the type of resin - personally - I let it dry for 24 hours. 
11. When the pendant is dry, attach the keychain to it, or get creative and attach a ribbon or a leather strap and turn into a necklace pendant. 
12. Congrats! You made your personalized pendant. Let imagination run wild and add your own stamp to it while making it and most importandly - don't be afraid to try out new things! We are sure the final result would be fantastic!
Thank you Monika & Viktor for this wonderful tutorial! 
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Divya N said...

This is the first time I ma seeing polymer clay being painted for usually color is either mixed in or the required color clay is used. But this brings up so many possibilities now

Maya Kuzman said...

Divya, there was a mistake in the text. This requires a soft Clay, regular, ordinary clay. Not polymer clay. I believe the pictures show it just as it is. It was my mistake during editing. Sorry about this!

Cream Linen said...

Beautiful idea and as you've said if one lets her imagination free it can be used in different ways. Thank you for all your inspirational and informative posts! Tina

Kreativna radionica Monika said...

I want to learn how to work with polymer clay. One day I will learn. This idea is beatiuful and easy, thank you for sharring this very pretty idea with us. :*

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

A great way to make special and personal gifts! It's a lovely idea!
Have a wonderful day,

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Tina! I live discovering new ways of doing things and constantly improve in jewelry making.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Monika. I also love dabbing in projects with (polymer)clay. The credits for this go to Pocket Gallery :)
Will write about them soon.

Maya Kuzman said...

That's right Marjan. This particular keychain pendant was already gifted.

Kim said...

Fun idea. So much scope for the imagination with the use of text. Love this keychain pendant.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful Keychain!! Thank you Viktor and Monika for the tutorial! Thanks for sharing it with us Maya!